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Electronic Filing

Get Your Money Back Faster!

Select Tax Service helps You Get Your Money Back FAST!
Use electronic filing to get your money back in 2 to 4 weeks!  Even faster with Direct Deposit.

This year you can get that refund in half the time it usually takes... when you file your return using IRS e-file.

IRS.jpg (8862 bytes)        Authorized IRS e-file provider.

With IRS e-file, we file your return electronically-from our computer.  IRS e-file is completely secure and there is quick proof from the IRS that your return has been accepted.  IRS e-file is so accurate, there's less chance you'll get "one of those letters" from the IRS.

Within 24 hours, I will receive confirmation that the return has been accepted & I will notify you.  Then just wait for your fast cash.  

Receive your refund in one of two ways:

1) An IRS check that arrives in the mail.
2) Direct deposit into your bank account.

    You can take advantage of the benefits of e-file if:

you're expecting a refund and you want it in half the time
you want to file the fastest and most accurate way possible (thereby reducing your likelihood of receiving an error notice)
you want confirmation that your return has been accepted within 24 hours
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